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SCV Water believes in the importance of educating our youth, our future leaders of tomorrow, on the benefits of protecting and conserving our water supply.

SCV Water’s Education Program features interactive student activities that present interesting and age-appropriate water treatment and conservation topics. The curriculum is regularly updated to provide an enjoyable and educational experience for students, as well as to make sure they meet state framework criteria for each grade level.

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Parents, ask your child’s school if they are taking advantage of this free program! SCV Water provides all classroom materials and transportation expenses at no cost to your school district. Please note that the program is available only to schools located within the CLWA service area.

Program Statistics

More than 13,000 students each year attend our fun and educational program developed by our Education Specialists.


Our programs are award-winning. In 2010, SCV Water received a Communitas Award. In 2009, the SCV Water School Education Program received the Golden Apple Award in recognition for an outstanding water education program. SCV Water has received an Outstanding Contribution to Education. SCV Water has also received an award from Association of California School Administration.

Elementary Programs

Kindergarten – Second Grade

K-2 presentations are conducted at the elementary school in each individual classroom. Booking an entire grade level for presentations is preferred. Depending on the number of classes in a grade level, we can reach each classroom in one to two days.

Kids learning about plant growth cycleKindergarten (45 min)

In this classroom presentation, the children explore uses for water and participate in an interactive flannel board story about a plant growth cycle.

Kids learning about weather and water cycleFirst Grade (45 min)

In this classroom presentation, children learn about weather and the water cycle. They act out the water cycle, sing a song, and complete a water cycle craft.

 Children learning about water termsSecond Grade (45 min)

In this classroom presentation, children review more in depth water cycle terminology. Students assist Drip Drop the Dragon and Fred the Fish as they battle pollution through their travels.

Third – Sixth Grade

Third through sixth grade field trips are conducted at SCV Water on Bouquet Canyon Road.

Kids walking through Conservatory GardenThird Grade (2.5 hrs)

Come learn the importance of plants in our lives while traveling through the Conservatory Garden, dissecting plants, and learning the amount of water needed for everyday items and activities.

Child learning to be a microbiologistFourth Grade (2.5 hrs)

Why observe science when you could be a microbiologist? Each student will have the opportunity to use microscopes, participate in an interactive water knowledge game and see firsthand how a treatment plant operates in this on-site visit.

Child learning how a water treat facility worksFifth Grade (2.5 hrs)

How does a water treatment facility work? In this on-site field trip, students will work in teams to construct, inspect, and operate a working scale model of the Rio Vista Treatment Plant. A real-life tour of the facilities follows.

Hands on chemistry experimentsSixth Grade (2.5 hrs)

Working in pairs, students will conduct eleven hands-on chemistry experiments to answer questions and fill in a lab worksheet. They will discover what is naturally found in our water and understand why and what our laboratory tests for on a daily basis.

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*Please note that all of SCV Water’s educational programs meet California State Curriculum Guidelines.

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Junior High School Programs

The junior high programs are all designed to be presented in classrooms at the school sites. These programs work with a traditional 5-period class schedule or can be adjusted to a block schedule.

Presentation on waterborne illnessSeventh Grade (45 minutes)

In this award-winning classroom presentation, students learn about ten waterborne illnesses through an interactive game and power point. While reading scripts as doctors and patients the class uses their knowledge to diagnose which illness the patient has contracted. Many seventh grade microbe terms are reviewed.

Presentation on chemical makeup of waterEighth Grade (45 minutes)

In this classroom presentation, students focus on the chemical make-up of water and how pH, alkalinity, and hardness affect the task of water. This lesson includes a water taste test, power point, comparing tap water and bottled water, and ends with a water chemistry test.

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*Please note that all of SCV Water’s educational programs meet California State Curriculum Guidelines.

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High School Program

Environmental Science Summer Workshop (2 hours)

Environmental summer experience workshop experiments The educators at SCV Water have created an innovative, standards-based, college-level educational program for Environmental Science. This summer workshop is conducted at SCV Water on Bouquet Canyon Road.During this exciting summer session, the educators lead high school students through labs including soil types, soil structure, and permeability. These are supplemented by interactive lectures on soil horizons, effects of drought on the environment, environmental laws and regulations, and the water treatment process, including a mini tour of the Rio Vista Water Treatment Plant. All topics are aligned to the AP College Board Standards. Labs and lectures are both outdoors and indoors giving the students enrichment not available at the school sites.

These classes are FREE!

*Please note that all of SCV Water’s educational programs meet California State Curriculum Guidelines.

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