Treatment, Distribution, Operations and Maintenance

SCV Water’s Treatment, Distribution, Operations and Maintenance Section consists of multiple departments responsible for the day-to-day treatment, operation, maintenance, regulatory compliance and replacement needs of the Agency’s local and imported water supply, systems and facilities.

We are committed to the continued investment in, and proactive maintenance of, our infrastructure, which pumps, treats and delivers nearly twenty billion gallons of quality drinking water to homes and businesses each year.


Our Operating Systems

We operate two surface water treatment plants, which receive water through the State Water Project aqueduct system. These treatment plants provide water to the distribution system through approximately 20 miles of large-diameter transmission pipelines. The distribution system takes this water and local groundwater supplies from more than 45 groundwater wells and pumps the water through more than 980 miles of a network of piping through the entire service area. The distribution system also includes more than 100 storage structures, more than 80 pumping stations, and thousands of other water system appurtenances to ensure the customers of SCV Water receive a reliable water supply.


Water Quality

At SCV Water, water quality is our top priority. We are proud to provide safe, clean water that our customers can trust. We are also committed to transparency, and we’re always happy to answer any questions that our customers may have about water quality.

We’ve compiled a list of common questions and some helpful video resources. You’ll also find our current and previous Consumer Confidence Reports. These water quality reports are filled with detailed information about your water.

Learn More About Water Quality



Addressing PFAS

SCV Water's team of water quality experts have already proactively invested in technology for treating and removing PFAS from our local groundwater supplies. Restoring this local groundwater supply will also ensure SCV Water has a local, reliable water supply during drought.

We currently operate two state-of-the-art PFAS treatment facilities and are planning to bring two additional plants online in 2023. Several other PFAS removal treatment plants are in the planning or design process. It is expected to bring these additional plants online at a rate of one per year through 2028.

To learn more, visit our PFAS page.


Monthly Operations and Production Report

Interested in learning more about our monthly operations and production? These reports provide information on:

  • Our current monthly water supplies
  • Historical and current water production information
  • Monthly precipitation, groundwater, and surface water totals

Reports coming soon!