How to Read Your Bill

How to Read Your Bill

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This sample bill describes the charges that appear on SCV Water customer bills. Please review the information below about how to read your bill.



  • Contact Information. SCV Water Customer Care can be reached during normal business hours at this address and phone number.



  • Customer Account Information. Your Account Number, Total Amount Due and Current Charges Due are easy to spot, here and on the Payment Coupon. Include your Account Number on any correspondence or payments.



  • Bill Period. The time between your prior and current meter read date.
  • Days This Period. Number of days the Bill Period covers.
  • Location Address. Where water service is provided.
  • Invoice Date. The date your bill is generated.
  • Meter ID #, Meter Read & Usage Summary. This section reports information about your meter and the number of units billed in the current Bill Period.






100 Cubic Ft = 1 Unit = 748 Gallons

  • Allocation & Total Water Usage. This section details your water allocation (indoor and outdoor) and compares it to your current monthly usage. This information provides an Efficiency Rating, if available, which may change monthly based on usage.
  • Assigned Landscaped Area in SF. The actual landscaped area (in square feet) for individually metered residential services, if available.
  • Your Water Usage History in CCF. This graph shows billed usage and allocation, if available, for the current and prior 12 months.



  • General Water Usage Detail. If an Efficiency Rating was provided in the Allocation and Total Water Usage section, this shows you how it was determined.
  • Recent Activity. This section lists your Prior Balance and any Payments received since the date of your last bill. The Balance Forward is what remains unpaid from your last bill. If this amount is negative, you had a credit balance.
  • Current Charges. This section lists the charges for your current Bill Period.
  • Fixed Charge: recovers the fixed costs of the Agency and is based on meter size.
  • Legacy Debt Charge (Santa Clarita and Valencia Division bills only): this charge covers debt held by these previous retail divisions and is based on meter size (this monthly amount does not change).
  • Variable Water Charge: recovers the cost of purchasing, pumping and treating water and is billed at the number of units of water used in the current Bill Period.




We often include important notices and information in this section.



Detach this Payment Coupon and return it with your payment. On this Payment Coupon, you will find the Total Balance Due and Current Charges Due Date. The total balance may include previous unpaid balances if payment was made after the bill was issued.

  • Grey Box. This is where you write the amount of your payment. If you are enrolled in Auto Pay, this section will show the amount of your automatic payment and the date it will be deducted.

*   Remittance Address. This is our remittance address. Check payments should be mailed here.

Make checks payable to SCV Water and always include your Account Number. The remittance address on the front of this paystub must be visible through the window on the return envelope when the payment is mailed.

Note: The remittance address shown is not the SCV Water Customer Care office or location, but a payment collection center.

  • PayNearMe. Use the “PayNearMe” Service. Pay your bill at any 7-Eleven or CVS Pharmacy, available any time the store is open. This service ONLY accepts cash payments. There are no transaction fees for using this service.


SCV Water Customer Care
24631 Avenue Rockefeller
Valencia, CA 91355-3907

Office Hours
Monday – Thursday
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Alternating Friday
7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Pay by Phone
Have your account number handy.

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