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Providing responsible water stewardship to ensure the Santa Clarita Valley has reliable supplies of high quality water at a reasonable cost.


Exemplary water management for a high quality of life in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Board of Directors


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Board Meetings

The information below is required by the Local Agency Formation Commission as part of the approved Final Written Report/Staff Report for Application for Conditions No. 2018-01 for the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency.

Please check all tabs to ensure that you have the most accurate information available.

April 17, 2018Packet
April 17, 2018Packet
September 3, 2018Notice of Cancellation
August 6, 2018Notice of Cancellation
June 26, 2018Cancelled due to no quorum of the Board.
Notice of and Agenda for Special Board Meeting
DRAFT Agenda: Groundwater Sustainability Plan Workshop
July 2, 2018Notice of Cancellation
June 4, 2018Packet
April 30, 2018PacketApproved Minutes
November 8, 2017Notice and Call of Special Meeting
Special Packet
Approved Minutes
October 16, 2017PacketApproved Minutes
August 21, 2018Notice of Cancellation
July 17, 2018Notice of Cancellation
July 3, 2018Notice of Cancellation
June 19, 2018Packet
June 5, 2018Amended Agenda
May 15, 2018Notice of Cancellation
May 1, 2018Notice of Cancellation
April 17, 2018Special PacketMinutes
April 3, 2018Notice of Cancellation
March 20, 2018Notice of Cancellation
March 6, 2018Notice of Cancellation
February 20, 2018Notice of Cancellation
February 6, 2018Notice of Cancellation
January 16, 2018Notice of Cancellation
January 9, 2018PacketMinutes
August 7, 2018Notice of Cancellation

Archived Board Meetings


The information below is required by the Local Agency Formation Commission as part of the approved Final Written Report/Staff Report for Application for Conditions No. 2018-01 for the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency.

Please check all tabs to ensure that you have the most accurate information available.

DateAgenda/PacketAdditional Information
August 2, 2018PacketHandout: Item 2
July 5, 2018Notice of Cancellation
June 7, 2018Packet
May 3, 2018Packet
April 5, 2018Packet
March 1, 2018Packet
August 20, 2018Packet
July 16, 2018Packet
DateAgenda/PacketAdditional Attachments
August 16, 2018PacketHandout: Item 4.2
Handout: Item 4.3
July 19, 2018Notice of Cancellation
June 21, 2018Packet
May 17, 2018PacketHandout: Item No. 3
Handout: Item No. 5.1 Revised
Handout: Item No. 6.1
April 19, 2018Packet
March 21, 2018Packet
February 20, 2018Cancellation Notice
DateAgenda/PacketAdditional Attachments
August 8, 2018Packet
July 11, 2018Packet
Handout: Item 4 - Proposed Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement
June 13, 2018PacketHandout: Status of Conservation
May 14, 2018Notice of Cancellation
April 11, 2018Packet
March 14, 2018Packet

Archived Committee Meetings


SCV Water Board of Directors meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. All Board of Directors meetings are open to the public. Any member of the public who wishes to address the Directors at a Board meeting may do so during the portion of the meeting set aside for public comment.


SCV Water Board of Directors meetings are held at 27234 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.

Compensation & Benefits

1. Board Meetings and Committee Meetings

As established by Board resolution, each Director may claim and receive up to the Board authorized Per Diem payment for attendance at each regular, adjourned regular, special or adjourned special meeting of the Board. A Director may also claim and receive up to the Board authorized Per Diem payment for attendance at meetings of those standing or special Committees to which the Director has been appointed.

2. Conferences and Meetings

Subject to specific approval of the Board (or its President) for each event or appointed duty, Directors may claim and receive up to the Board authorized Per Diem payment for each day’s attendance at conferences or other authorized activities sponsored by organizations including, but not limited to, Association of California Water Agencies, Association of California Water Agencies-Joint Powers Insurance Authority, California Special Districts Association and Water Education Foundation.

A Director designated by the President or Board to serve as the Agency’s representative to the above listed or other organizations may claim and receive up to the Board authorized Per Diem payment for each day’s attendance at or participation in organization-sponsored meetings and events.

Such meetings may include, but are not limited to, educational conferences and similar gatherings, meetings of other public agencies or water agencies or districts that involve discussions of specific interest to the Agency, attendance at Agency-related ceremonial functions, or formal appearances before or meetings with administrative, regulatory agencies, legislators, and their staff.

3. Restrictions and Conditions

Per Diem payments may be claimed only for attendance at meetings of the Board or for each day’s service rendered as a member of the Board by request of the Board. The President shall determine in advance if a particular activity constitutes a meeting for the purpose of a Director claiming and receiving a Per Diem payment. As reasonably necessary, days spent traveling to and from an authorized event shall be considered compensable days of service.

No Director shall receive more than one Per Diem payment for any one day regardless of the number of meetings attended and/or events of service to the Board performed during that day.

No Director shall receive more than ten (10) Per Diem payments in any one calendar month for any combination of meeting attendance or service to the Board at the request of the Board or at the request of the Board President on behalf of the Board.

4. Directors’ Compensation Rate

Directors are authorized to be paid $228.15 per day for each day’s attendance at meetings of the Board, or for each day’s service rendered as a member of the Board not to exceed ten meetings per month. On July 1 of each fiscal year after the effective date of Ordinance 37, and unless reduced or suspended by action of a majority of the Directors, Ordinance 37 provides the daily compensation for the Directors of the Agency shall be increased without further Board action by the total amount allowed by statute (currently 5%) as then in effect or as thereafter amended. The current rate as of publication of this manual is on file with the Secretary.

Changes to Directors’ compensation shall be done by ordinance adopted after a public hearing, notice of which has been published in a newspaper of general circulation once a week for two weeks, and shall not become effective for 60 days after adoption. Increases are subject to referendum.

5. Expense Reimbursement

Directors shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred incidental to services provided on behalf of the Agency and for authorized travel on Agency business, including two (2) hours of ethics training, subject to the following limits and restrictions. (Government Code §53235.1(a)) Such expenses will not be reimbursed when incurred for family members of the authorized Director.

Directors shall be reimbursed based on the IRS rates for reimbursement. (Government Code §53235.2(c) and (f)) All expenses that do not fall with the adopted IRS travel reimbursement rates shall be approved by the Agency Board in a public meeting before the expense is incurred, except that individual Directors may instead provide brief reports on meetings, conferences or educational activities already attended at the expense of the Agency at the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors, and the expense may be approved at that time. (Government Code §53235.2(b)

A request for reimbursement shall be submitted on an expense report form provided by the Agency as soon as practicable after the expenses are incurred. The request shall be accompanied by detailed receipts or other documentation evidencing each expense and the Director’s payment thereof. A copy of a program agenda or such other document as may provide proof of attendance and/or that Agency-related business was conducted may also be required. (Government Code §53235.2(b))

All documents related to reimbursable Agency expenditures are public records subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act, Government Code §6250 et seq; AB 1234, Government Code §§53232 – 53232.3.

6. Payment Interval

Directors shall receive Per Diem payments and shall be reimbursed for any properly submitted and approved expenses on a monthly basis.

Types of Expenses

1. Transportation

Directors who attend approved Agency functions shall use the appropriate commercial or private means of transportation in the most efficient manner consistent with scheduling needs and cargo space requirements. In the event a more expensive means of transportation is used, the reimbursable amount shall be limited to the cost of the most reasonably economical means of transportation available.

No reimbursement shall be made for transportation expenses incurred to travel to a destination within Agency boundaries, if the travel begins and ends within Agency boundaries. Any travel made without approval shall be the sole personal responsibility of the involved Director.

When a Director elects to use a private vehicle for transportation, reimbursement shall be made at the currently approved rate per mile established and adjusted from time to time by the United States Internal Revenue Service for business use of a vehicle. This reimbursement rate shall be considered to fully compensate for all vehicle operation and ownership expense. Reasonable mileage used for conducting Agency business as a Director will be reimbursed.

Airplane travel shall be by air coach or economy class. Directors may make their own travel arrangements or may request that the Board Secretary pre-purchase airplane tickets. Long- term parking should be used for travel exceeding 24 hours.

Other reimbursable transportation expenses may include, but are not limited to, ground transportation to and from airports and hotels, car rental, taxis and parking fees. The expense of any traffic citation is not reimbursable. (AB 1234, Government Code §53232.2(c))

2. Meals and Lodging

Expenditures for food and lodging shall be moderate and reasonable. Such expenses will not be reimbursed when incurred for family members of the authorized Director.

Directors shall be entitled to receive reimbursement for the reasonable cost of meals, including tips, not to exceed $150 per person per day. Expenses incurred as a result of the presence of guests shall be reimbursable to the extent allowed by law in the event that their presence is appropriately related to Agency business. Reimbursements will not be made for alcoholic beverages.

Tipping Guidelines: Restaurant and food service providers have varying policies concerning tips. Some providers include tips in the food cost. Others provide a customer selection of tip percentages. Most providers leave the amount of the tip at the total discretion of

the customer. Another factor to consider is the amount of time and special service that is required of the food server. It is the policy of the Agency that tips should be generally 15% to 20% of the cost of food depending on service and/or restaurant policy for larger group tables. Tips of a higher amount are subject to the reasonable and best judgment of the Director considering all such factors. If the tip for the cost of food is substantially more than such limit, the excess amount must be reasonably justified and approved by the President.

Lodging costs shall not exceed the maximum group rate published by the conference or activity sponsor, provided that lodging at the group rate is available to the Director at the time of the booking. If the government or group rate is not available, the rate paid may be 25% higher than the government or group rate, whichever is higher. Where reasonably possible, accommodations shall be obtained in proximity to the conference or meeting site. All expenses that do not fall within these guidelines shall be approved by the Board, in a public meeting before the expense is incurred. No reimbursement request for overnight accommodations shall be approved for expenses incurred within the Agency’s service area, except upon approval of the President or Vice President. (AB 1234, Government Code §§53232.2(c), (d) and (f))

Pre-conference lodging will be reimbursed for national travel requiring extensive travel time. Pre-conference lodging will be reimbursed for regional travel if the conference starts at or before 9:00 a.m. The President or Vice-President may pre-approve exceptions to this section.

3. Communications

Reasonable personal telephone calls will be reimbursed. Hotel Internet/email or similar communication access will be reimbursed if used for reasonable Agency purposes. (Government Code §§53232.2(a) and (f))

4. Personal Expenses

The costs of medications, laundry/dry-cleaning, in-room movies, personal entertainment and other personal expenses are not reimbursable. (Government Code §§532

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Brown Act Compliance Policy

The General Manager, in cooperation with the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (Agency) and Board of Directors (Board) Chair, shall prepare an agenda for each Regular and Special meeting of the Board in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act (California Government Code Section 54950]. Any Director may request any item to be placed on the agenda by contacting the General Manager at least fourteen business days prior to the date of the meeting.

Any member of the public may request that a matter directly related to Agency business be placed on the agenda of a regularly scheduled Board meeting, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The request must be in writing and be submitted to the General Manager, together with supporting documents and information, if any, at least fourteen business days prior to the date of the meeting;
  2. The General Manager shall be the sole judge of whether the public request is or is not a “matter directly related to Agency business.” The public member requesting the agenda item may appeal the General Manager’s decision at the next Regular Board meeting. Any Director may request that the item be placed on the agenda of the Board’s next regular meeting.
  3. No matter which is legally a proper subject for consideration by the Board in closed session will be accepted under this policy;
  4. The Board may place limitations on the total time to be devoted to a public request issue at any meeting, and may limit the time allowed for any one person to speak on the issue at the meeting.

This policy does not prevent the Board from receiving public comments at Regular and Special meetings of the Board on matters which are not on the agenda that a member of the public may wish to bring before the Board. However, the Board shall not discuss or take action on such matters at that meeting, other than providing brief general directions to staff regarding the matter, if appropriate.

At least 72 hours prior to the time of all Regular meetings, an agenda, which includes but is not limited to all matters on which there may be discussion and/or action by the Board, shall be posted in a place that is freely accessible to members of the public (California Government Code 54954.2 (a)(1)). If the Agency maintains a website, the agenda shall be posted on the website for public information at the same time. All information made available to the Board (except confidential information allowed by State law per legal counsel authority) shall be available for public review prior to the board meeting.

The agenda for a Special meeting shall be posted at least 24 hours before the meeting in the same location as for Regular Meeting agendas (California Government Code Section 54956).

The General Manager of the meetings described herein shall determine the order in which agenda items shall be considered for discussion and/or action by the Board, subject to re-ordering of the agenda by the Board at the meeting.

  1. Regular Meetings of the Agency’s Board of Directors shall be held on the first and third Tuesday of each calendar month at 6:30 p.m. in the Agency Board and Training rooms.
  2. Special Meetings of the Board may be called by the Board Chair or by a majority of the Board by delivering written notice to each member of the legislative body and to each local newspaper of general circulation and radio or television stations, requesting notice, in writing and posting a notice on the Agency’s web site. The notice shall be delivered personally or by any other means at least 24 hours before the time of the meeting as specified in the notice. The call and notice shall specify the time and place of the Special meeting and the business to be transacted or discussed. No other business shall be considered by the Board at these meetings.
  3. Emergency Meetings. In the event of an emergency situation involving matters upon which prompt action is necessary due to the disruption or threatened disruption of public facilities, the Board may hold an Emergency Special meeting without complying with the 24-hour notice. An emergency situation means a crippling disaster which severely impairs public health, safety, or both, as determined by the Board Chair or a majority of the Board. Newspapers of general circulation in the Agency, radio and television stations which have requested notice of Special meetings shall be notified by at least one hour prior to the emergency meeting. In the event that telephone services are not functioning, the notice requirement of one hour is waived, but the Board, or its designee, shall notify such newspapers, radio stations, or television stations of the fact of the holding of the Emergency Special meeting, and of any action taken by the Board, as soon after the meeting as possible.
    Closed session may be held during an Emergency meeting by a unanimous vote of the members present, and all other rules governing Special meetings shall be observed with the exception of the 24-hour notice. The minutes of the Emergency meeting, a list of persons the Board or designee notified or attempted to notify, a copy of the roll call vote(s), and any actions taken at such meeting shall be posted for a minimum of ten days in the Agency office as soon after the meeting as possible.
  4. Adjourned Meetings. A majority vote by the Board of Directors may terminate any Board meeting at any place in the agenda and adjourn the to any time and place specified in the order of adjournment, except that if no Directors are present at any Regular or Adjourned Regular meeting, the General Manager may declare the meeting adjourned to a stated time and place, and he/she shall cause a written notice of adjournment to be given.
  5. Standing Committee Meetings. The meetings of standing Committees (comprised of four Board members less than a quorum), are subject to the notice and open meeting provision of the Brown Act.

The Board Clerk shall ensure that all required and appropriate information is available for the audience at meetings of the Board of Directors, and that physical facilities for said meetings are functional and appropriate for all persons.

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Code of Ethics

Election Process


By 2022, the new district Board will be entirely elected. It will have nine directly elected directors. Instead of at-large or appointed seats, each director must live in one of three electoral divisions and will be directly elected by the people within that electoral division. This is called divisional representation. It is strictly compliant with the California Voting Rights Act and allows neighbors to elect neighbors to govern water resources. It also ensures equal representation for all corners of the Valley. The public also requested a more efficient board. In response, the new agency will have nine members instead of the current 15 elected/appointed members.

  • Elections for the SCV Water office of Director is conducted on the date of the General Election, the first Tuesday of November of each even-numbered year.
  • The link for the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder County Clerk is
  • Elections for the Devil’s Den Water District office of Director is conducted on the date of the General Election, the first Tuesday of November of each odd-numbered year.
  • The link for the Kern County Auditor-Controller-County Clerk is
  • The term of office for all elected Directors is four years.

Policies and Procedures Manual