Drought Info and News

Drought Info and News

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Current Fact Sheet - September 2023

While rain and snow provided significant relief throughout the state and the SCV early in 2023, consecutive, multi-year drought and existing impacts on our groundwater supplies mean that it will take time to build back and grow our banked reserves for future dry years.

SCV Water has deactivated its Water Shortage Contingency Plan and Water Conservation and Water Supply Shortage Ordinance. We thank your customers for conserving 4.1 billion gallons of water from May 2022 to June 2023.

What this means for our customers is that while we have returned to our normal water conservation and water use efficiency conditions, we still need to do our part to make water conservation a California way of life.

Click on the images below to download our latest Conservation Fact Sheet in English or Spanish!


Click the image to download the Conservation Fact Sheet in English.
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Current Fact Sheet - September 2023
Virtual Drought Forum - May 2022

Learn more about the severe impacts of the drought, how SCV Water plans for water supply, and what we can do to save water. Click the link below to watch the recording of our Virtual Drought Forum on May 10, 2022.

Virtual Drought Forum

Drought Bulletin - May 2022
The Signal: SCV Pride - June 2022

The Signal: SCV Pride June 2022

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