Conservation Conversations

Conservation Conversations


We know life is busy with family, kids, work, school, and everything else in between!  

Although troubleshooting landscape irrigation issues is somewhere on your “to do” list, finding time to focus on them can be a challenge. It may take some guess and check and a few trips to your local irrigation supply store before you come to a solution … but who has time for that? 

Maybe you’ve wanted to learn how to finetune your water efficiency, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you want to learn more about your water use so you can save some money on your water bill? 

No matter your reason, SCV Water is here to help! We’re bringing our water-saving resources and programs to you. 

Conservation Conversations 

SCV Water is pleased to announce the launch of Conservation Conversations, a new community pop-up event, that brings water experts into your neighborhood to talk about various conservation topics, rebate programs, water-saving resources and best practices, as well as other water-related issues.  

Our goal is to engage, educate and collaborate with our community. 

Join us for refreshments and some great discussions about a variety of water topics! Come with an open mind to learn something new or bring us a water-related issue you need help with. Our team will also provide demonstrations so you can see efficient water use in action. 

We hope to see you there! 

We’re Popping Up in Your Area 

Look for a pop-up near you! Conservation Conversations events will be held throughout the Santa Clarita Valley at local community centers, HOA common areas as well as at parks, nurseries, irrigation supply stores, farmer’s markets, and more! 

Typically, events will be held monthly on the weekend to encourage residents to attend. 



Join us for our next Conservation Conversations pop-up!

Participants will enjoy refreshments, resources, water-saving tips, giveaways, and more!



Wednesday, Saturday, July 13, 2024
9 AM - 11 AM

 Bridgeport Park
23521 Bridgeport Lane
Santa Clarita, CA 91355




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