Sites Reservoir Project

Sites Reservoir Project

SCV Water Participation

SCV Water is currently participating in the Sites Reservoir Project, a planned off-stream reservoir in Northern California. The Sites Project Authority is pursuing a water right permit from the State Water Resources Control Board, which will provide them legal authority to divert water within certain conditions, for a specific purpose, and for use within a specified area. The Sites Project Authority will be the State designated steward of the water right for the Sites Reservoir Project.

Water Rights Application

Information on the Sites Reservoir Project’s water right application can be found here:


2023 Project Milestones

The milestones achieved in 2023 helped move the Sites Reservoir closer to final design and construction: 

  • Completed the water right application and advanced to the next phase of the application process.
  • Federal funding committed to the Project reached $244 million.  
  • The Sites Reservoir Project was certified under Senate Bill 149, which streamlines judicial review for selected infrastructure projects.
  • The Sites Project Authority certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR) and approved the Sites Reservoir Project.


November 17, 2023 - Sites Reservoir Reaches Milestone in Environmental Review Process

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Sites Reservoir Map



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About Sites Reservoir

Sites Reservoir does not rely on snow-melt but captures winter runoff from uncontrolled streams below the existing reservoirs in the Sacramento Valley. Because of this, it will inherently adapt to future climate conditions and will be operated to improve water supply resilience to the predicted changes in weather. Much of the rainfall from extreme events – especially those that occur back-to-back when the ground is saturated – runs off before it can be captured for maximum environmental, urban and agricultural benefit. Sites Reservoir will increase the resiliency of water supplies because it will not rely on spring snowmelt for filling but instead will capture storm-related runoff and a portion of storm-related flood water.

By operating in conjunction with other California reservoirs, Sites Reservoir substantially increases water supply flexibility, reliability, and resiliency in drier years. Sites Reservoir is the only proposed storage facility in the State of California that will help with statewide operational effectiveness of the State Water Project and Central Valley Project.


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