Inspiration and Plant Information

Inspiration and Plant Information

Looking for a little inspiration for your landscape? Or a step-by-step guide to removing your lawn? Or that name of the plant you need to add to your landscape?

Look no further – we’ve got you covered. Click on the buttons below to find the resources you need to help you achieve a colorful and sustainable and water-wise landscape. 

Plant Resources

Top 100 SCV-Friendly Plant Guide

Replace your lawn with sustainable water-wise landscaping! We've curated the top 100 California-friendly plants to inspire your landscape. Our selection includes California and local natives as we ll as non-native plants -- all are water-efficient, once established, and are known to do we ll in the SCV.

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Santa Clarita Gardens

For a comprehensive list of perennials, groundcovers, shrubs, ornamental grasses and trees.

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How to Guides

Landscape Care Guide for Homeowners

As the proud owner of a new water-wise landscape, you’ll find there are many benefits! The goal is to maintain your landscape so that it can grow happy and healthy. Inside our Landscape Care Guide, you’ll learn more about the benefits of a drought-tolerant landscape, as well as best practices that will keep your garden looking beautiful all year long!



Landscape Care Guide for Professionals

As more people are transforming their high-water-using turf to water-efficient landscapes, it’s important to keep up with best practices to sustainably maintain those landscapes. With this Landscape Care Guide for Professionals, you can help homeowners make informed decisions about how to best maintain their landscape while preserving our valuable water resources.


Print Ready

This version of the Guide is ready for you to print and take with you in your pocket.

Landscape Care Guide for Professionals - English

Landscape Care Guide for Professionals - Spanish

Web View

This version of the Guide is best viewed online or on a mobile device.

Landscape Care Guide for Professionals - English

Landscape Care Guide for Professionals- Spanish


Steps to Replace Your Lawn

Many residents are taking steps to ditch the lawn and replace it with beautiful drought-tolerant and low-maintenance alternatives.

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Gardening Tips

Garden Smarter

Create a beautiful, stress-free Santa Clarita Valley landscape year-round. Our Garden Smarter publication is a great place to start to learn more about making the move to water-wise landscaping. In Garden Smarter, you’ll find landscape topics for everyone! Think: drought-tolerant planting and tree care, food gardening, fire-wise landscaping, and more! Not to mention expert tips and guidance, as well as rebates and resources. And if you’ve been thinking about making the switch, now is the perfect time.

View Garden Smarter Publication - English

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Looking For Gardening Tips?

Check out the Southern California landscape and gardening tips our friends at Better Homes & Gardens for Southern California landscape gardening tips.

Self-Guided Landscapes Tour

Welcome to SCV Water’s Self-Guided Landscapes Tour!

The purpose of this tour is to educate and inspire you to change your landscape and improve your irrigation practices by installing beautiful, drought-tolerant and low-maintenance alternatives.

By showcasing different landscape designs and plant options, you’ll learn there are numerous ways to save water and make your landscape drought-tolerant.

Self-Guided Landscapes Tour
Self-Guided Landscapes Tour


Self-Guided Landscapes Tour
Self-Guided Landscapes Tour


Self-Guided Landscapes Tour
Self-Guided Landscapes Tour