Urban Water Management Plan

Urban Water Management Plan

An Urban Water Management Plan helps ensure that sufficient water supplies are available to meet existing and future water needs, and that steps are in place should a critical water shortage occur. It is one of the most important planning tools we have to guide our actions related to water supply, while also providing our customers with additional insight and perspective on a number of water-related issues. The plan is updated every five years.

2020 Urban Water Management Plan and 2015 Addendum Approved

In June 2021, the Board adopted the current Urban Water Management Plan, as well as the Water Shortage Contingency Plan, the Water Conservation and Water Shortage Ordinance and an addendum to the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan.

These approvals followed several months of planning and outreach where members of the public were invited to learn about these policies and participate in public workshop discussions. SCV Water released drafts of the plans and ordinance for 30-day public review and comment periods before holding public hearings.

2020 Urban Water Management Plan – Volume 2 – Appendices
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2015 Urban Water Management Plan
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The UWMP also includes the Water Shortage Contingency Plan and Water Shortage Ordinance.

Urban Water Management Plan Update