Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects


SCV Water’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) concentrates on the development of a long-range framework in which physical projects are planned and implemented within the Agency’s financial capabilities. Capital Improvements include the purchase, construction, replacement, addition, or major repair of public facilities, infrastructure, and equipment.

Below is a list of our current Capital Improvement Projects:



  • Catala Pump Station and Pipelines
  • Honby Tanks Pipeline Improvements
  • Magic Mountain Parkway and The Old Road Recycled Water Relocation
  • Magic Mountain Pipeline Inspection Access Modifications
  • N Wells Drainage Improvements Project
  • Needham Ranch Deane 3MG Tank
  • Newhall Wells (N11, N12, N13) Groundwater Treatment Improvements


  • PFAS Groundwater Treatment Improvements: Clark Well; Mitchell 5B Well; Lost Canyon and Sand Canyon Wells; North Oaks Central, East, and Sierra Wells; E Wells; Wells W10, W9, 207, and D
  • RVWTP Sewer Line
  • RVWTP Turbidity Improvements
  • Sand Canyon Reservoir Expansion
  • Sand Canyon Sewer Line


  • Abdale, Maplebay, and Beachgrove Pipeline
  • Backcountry Reservoir and Pump Station
  • Castaic Conduit Bypass Pipeline
  • Conservation Garden Modifications at RVWTP
  • Commerce Center Bridge Pipeline
  • Deane Pump Station at Skyline Ranch Road
  • ESFP Tank Improvements
  • Honby Parallel Pipeline
  • Mission Village Interconnect 2
  • Mission Village Phase 7 GG Street Potable and Recycled Water


  • Recycled Water Fill Station
  • Recycled Water Pump Station MCC Station Updates
  • RVWTP Underground Storage Tank Replacement
  • Saugus #3 and #4 Well Equipment and Site Improvements
  • Sierra Highway Bridge Pipelines Protection and Installation
  • Smyth Drive Pipeline
  • South End Recycled Water Main Extension – Phase 2C
  • Valencia Market Place Pipeline Replacement
  • Well 205 Perchlorate and VOC Removal Facility


  • Deane Tank at Nimbus Way
  • Dickason Drive Pipeline
  • ESFP Wash Water Return and Sludge Collection Improvements
  • LA-2 Turnout
  • Magic Mountain Pipeline Phase 4/5/6A/6B


  • Pitchess Pipeline Modifications
  • Santa Clara & Honby Wells PFAS Groundwater Treatment Improvements
  • Saugus #3 and #4 Replacement Wells
  • Well 201 VOC Treatment Improvements

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