Service Installations & Construction Meter Requests

Service Installations & Construction Meter Requests

Service Installations

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New Meter Request Process

Before the meter installation and activation process can commence, the following prerequisites must be completed by the Developer:

  • Facility Capacity Fees (FCF)
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Materials & Labor SOW (funding)
  • Project Tract Map recorded with L.A. County
  • Project is installed, tested, and active
  • Project Punchlist is complete
  • Close-Out Documents
    As-Built & Record Drawings
    As-Built Survey Data
    Final Geotechnical/Compaction Report
    Easements (if applicable)

Download New Meter Request Process

Email for assistance.


Meter Installation Process

Meter Activation Process

Construction Meter Requests

There are retail costs that may be due when requesting a construction water meter.


NOTE: While Los Angeles County Water Works District #36 (LAWWD#36), which services the Val Verde and parts of the Castaic area, was not part of the merger, SCV Water will continue to supply imported water to LAWWD#36. New water connections and/or upsizing a meter within LAWWD#36 service area are still subject to SCV Water’s Regional Facility Capacity Fees/Charges. If your new water connection is within LAWWD#36 service area you will need to contact them directly regarding their water connection/meter costs and fees.