A New Public Water District: Process & Benefits

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The Future of Santa Clarita Valley Water Governance

A new public water district for the Santa Clarita Valley would cut costs, create efficiencies and bring new, cost-effective and reliable sources of water to reality. It’s an idea that blends the best parts of the region’s current water providers into something special and optimized for the Santa Clarita Valley.

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What’s in it for You? Potential Benefits of New Public Water District

Economics: $14 million of savings in first 10 years – $2.75 in the first three and then $1.62 million annually

Efficiencies: Cutting redundant external services and optimizing staffing (through attrition) would lead to significant savings

Governance: For the first time in history, a fully division-based system to create greater accountability and accessibility.

Enhanced Water Management: Bring much-needed projects, like recycled water and groundwater recharge, to reality by increasing regional integration and collaboration


For more information on the potential benefits of a new public water district, we invite you to listen to this interview of general managers Matt Stone (Castaic) and Steve Cole (Newhall) as they discuss water governance in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Economics, Efficiencies & Enhanced Water Management Study uncovered several core benefits for Santa Clarita Valley residents. While the estimates are conservative, they reflect the potential of a new district for our region.

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