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Press ReleaseSourceDate
SCV Groundwater Sustainability Agency Invites Participants to its June 26 Groundwater Sustainability Plan WorkshopYour SCV Water06/15/18
SCV Water Board Adopts Fiscal Year 2018/19 BudgetYour SCV Water06/06/18
Notice for Important Information About Your Drinking Water Quality from SCV WaterYour SCV Water05/21/18
State Water Contractors Announce Formation of Joint Powers Authority for CA Water FixState Water Contractors05/14/18
Join SCV Water for Open House - May 12, 2018 Your SCV Water05/01/18
Valerie Pryor Announces Her Resignation from SCV WaterYour SCV Water04/05/18
SCV Water is Seeking Vendors to Participate in Open House Event May 12, 2018Your SCV Water03/21/18
SCV Successful in Temporary Irrigation HiatusYour SCV Water03/12/18
SCV Asked to Step Up Water Conservation Next Week: March 4-10, 2018Your SCV Water02/26/18
Perchlorate Levels Reach Actionable Level at Out-of-Service WellYour SCV Water01/18/18
Inaugural Leadership Set for SCV WaterYour SCV Water01/17/18
Op Ed | SCV Water: Looking to 2018 and BeyondYour SCV Water01/15/18
SCV Water Board Approves Dissolution of Valencia Water CompanyYour SCV Water01/12/18
Op Ed | SCV Water: A Once-in-a-Generation OpportunityYour SCV Water01/05/18
Transition Into New Water Agency for SCV Takes Major Step ForwardYour SCV Water11/14/17
Governor Jerry Brown Signs SB634 Creating Santa Clarita Valley Water AgencyYour SCV Water10/15/17
New Water Agency Bill Heads to Governor's AgencyYour SCV Water09/14/17
SB634 Passes Assembly With Strong Bi-partisan SupportYour SCV Water09/13/17
New Water District to Prioritize Local Workers, Vets for New Recycled Water InfrastructureYour SCV Water08/29/17
Results of Public Opinion Survey Announced by NCWD and CLWAYour SCV Water04/13/16
The Future of Water Governance Is in Your HandsYour SCV Water04/04/16
The Future of Water in the Santa Clarita ValleyYour SCV Water03/08/16
New Water District for Santa Clarita Valley Strongly Supported by Regional Water LeadersYour SCV Water12/13/16
Study Confirms Overwhelming Support to
Create New Water District in Santa Clarita Valley
Your SCV Water12/12/16

Blog Posts

May 6, 2018Drinking Water Week: May 6-12, 2018Your SCV Water
May 1, 2018Open House - May 12, 2018Your SCV Water
March 1, 2018Welcome to SCV Water | Service. Community. Value.Your SCV Water

News Archives

Measure to Create New SCV Water District Clears AssemblySanta Clarita Valley News07/11/2017
Regional Planners Remove Opposition To Wilk Bill Creating New Water RetailerKHTS06/14/2017
Public highly engaged in city council meetingThe Santa Clarita Valley Signal04/14/2017
Water officials working with Senator Wilk to amend
The Santa Clarita Valley Signal04/13/2017
Joint Public Statement from NCWD and CLWA Board Presidents Regarding SB 634 and LA County Water District No. 36Newhall County Water District and Castaic Lake Water Agency04/06/2017
UPDATE: Water company merger bill passes through committeeThe Santa Clarita Valley Signal03/28/2017
Promise of our new water districtThe Santa Clarita Valley Signal01/28/2017
New Public Water District Created for Santa Clarita ValleyAssociation of California Water Agencies01/20/2017
Total Financial: New Public Water DistrictSanta Clarita Valley TV12/28/2016
CLWA, Newhall County Meeting To Discuss MergerKHTS12/13/2016
Two water boards vote to merge with settlement agreementThe Santa Clarita Valley Signal12/13/2016
Campbell & Atkins: Opportunities of a New Public Water DistrictThe Santa Clarita Valley Signal12/05/2016

Bill Cooper & Maria Gutzeit: Optimized water governance means better water service
The Santa Clarita Valley Signal08/15/2016

New water district: What's in it for you?
The Santa Clarita Valley Signal07/16/2016

Positive Talks on the Future Of Water Governance
The Santa Clarita Valley Signal06/14/2016
Water merger governance discussed at workshopThe Santa Clarita Valley Signal06/07/2016
Debunking Myths Surrounding Potential Water MergerThe Santa Clarita Valley Signal05/27/2016

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