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Facility Capacity Fees/Charges

What is a Regional (formerly called Imported or Wholesale) Facility Capacity Fee/Charge (FCF) or Distribution FCF?

Facility Capacity Fees (FCFs) are fees collected at the time new development occurs within a publicly owned water system to recover the appropriate growth related costs for facilities built to serve future water users. The basic economic philosophy behind capacity fees is that the costs of providing water service should be paid for by those that benefit from the service. To achieve this, new connectors will typically pay for a share of expanded and existing facilities based on the proportion of the facility that will serve new growth, providing equity with existing customers.

In accordance with Senate Bill (SB) 634, Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water) Section 21, the agency may impose and collect capacity charges and connection fees pursuant to Section 66013 of the Government Code.  As part of the permitting process, applicants must reimburse SCV Water for the costs associated with water supply acquisition, facility capital investment, facility operation and maintenance and connection.

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How to obtain a clearance from SCV Water?

When applying for a permit from the City of Santa Clarita or from the County of Los Angeles, you will be given an Agency Referral List as part of the permitting/plan-check process. When SCV Water is included as an agency to be cleared, you will need to contact:

Mona Restivo

Engineering Administrative Analyst

(661) 964-3988


Effective August 1, 2018 all FCF/FCC business (including dropping off checks and picking up certificates of compliance) will be handled out of the Santa Clarita Water Division (retail) office:

SCWD Office

26521 Summit Circle

Santa Clarita, CA 91350

An appointment is required for all FCF/FCC business.  Please do not show up without an appointment or you may be turned away.

SCV Water does not have an over-the-counter review of plans.  Please email your plans in a PDF format to Mona.  If emailing is not possible, you may drop off a set of the plans to Mona at the SCWD (retail) office located at 26521 Summit Circle, Santa Clarita (an appointment to drop off plans is required).  Plans will remain with SCV Water and cannot be returned.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the New Development Guidelines.

After a review of the plans, an assessment will be made for the Regional FCF/FCC and the Distribution FCF.  Mona will email an invoice of the FCF or will let you know that no fee is required.  After receiving payment (if required) SCV Water will issue a Certificate of Compliance, which you will take to the city or county.  All FCF payments are by check only made payable to: Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency.  Receiving your Certificate is by appointment only.

Effective January 1, 2018 all Regional Facility Capacity Fees/Charges (FCFs/FCCs) are based on the water meter size and the Water Service Area (WSA) in which the project is located.  Below is a link for the current Regional (wholesale) Facility Capacity Fee/Charge (FCF/FCC) schedule and Regional WSA Map:

2018 FCF Rates per Water Meter Size and WSA Map

Effective January 1, 2018, the Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) and the local purveyor Newhall County Water District (NCWD) merged.  CLWA and NCWD along with the Santa Clarita Water Division (SCWD) and Valencia Water Company (VWC) are now the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water).

SCV Water has 3 retail divisions:

  • Newhall Water Division (NWD)
  • Santa Clarita Water Division (SCWD)
  • Valencia Water Division (VWD)

Distribution (retail) Facility Capacity Fees (FCFs) are based on the water meter size and the retail service area where the project is located.  Below is a link for the current Distribution (retail) Facility Capacity Fee (FCF) schedule and the Purveyor/Distribution Water Retail Service Area Map:

Purveyor_Distribution_Map_and_2018_FCF schedule

The individuals to contact at the distribution (retail) divisions will remain the same for obtaining water meters until further notice.  There are other retail division costs that may be due when requesting the water meter.  Please contact the local retail division to inquire about the meter costs.

The local water retailer, Los Angeles County Water Works District #36 (LACo#36), which services the Val Verde and parts of the Castaic area, is not a part of the merger.  However, SCV Water will continue to supply imported water to LACo#36.  New water connections and/or upsizing a meter within LACo#36 service area are still subject to SCV Water’s Regional Facility Capacity Fees/Charges.  If your new water connection is within LACo#36 service area you will need to contact them directly regarding their water connection/meter costs and fees.

Below are links for New Development Guidelines* and procedures in obtaining a certificate of compliance.  Please read and follow the Guidelines:

* The Guidelines are not intended to be all-inclusive and are subject to change without notice.