Optimizing Water Service for All

NCWD and CLWA are exploring ways to optimize this system. A few of the core goals are:

Ensure elected representation for all Santa Clarita Valley residents; create a stronger, more representative and accessible governance structure

Reduce costs and stabilize rates by creating economies of scale, optimizing operations and leveraging strengths of current providers

Enhance water reliability by delivering on projects that require regional integration, like recycled water and groundwater recharge

Work on water issues together at the same table, rather than in separate board rooms and silos across the region

The result would be a new public water district built using the best parts of the existing providers. This would ensure continuity of the service customers know and trust today, but with the efficiency, strength and ability of a modern water district.

A Customer-driven Exploration

The two districts have launched a significant outreach process to earn the insights and priorities of our customers. Importantly, we are studying dynamics related to governance, finance, water service and customer service to ensure this will make sense.

Our request is that all Santa Clarita Valley residents engage in this process. After all, it is yourwater. Our job is simply to provide the best, most cost-effective supply possible.

A potential new water district may be the best way to deliver on that promise.

Offer your priorities and insights on this process here.