Myths and Facts

The concept of creating a new public water district in the Santa Clarita Valley challenges the status quo. It would turn a currently fragmented and at times inefficient system into a more modern, integrated approach to water management. For some, this has caused misunderstanding of intentions and potential outcomes. We owe it to the public to ensure a fact-based discussion about the future of water governance and have clarified some of the more persistent myths below.

MYTH: A merger will create a water monopoly.

MYTH: CLWA is proposing to eliminate or take over NCWD.

MYTH: NCWD customers lose if a new district is created.

MYTH: This process is complete.

MYTH: A merger would benefit Newhall Ranch or other developers.

MYTH: CLWA is in financial trouble. NCWD shouldn’t join with them.

MYTH: The merger was decided a year ago in closed session.

MYTH: This will create another LADWP.

MYTH: Rates would go up as a result of the merger.

MYTH: These discussions are not transparent.

MYTH: This will reduce reliability in the Santa Clarita Valley.

MYTH: One agency will reduce customer service.

MYTH: Los Angeles County Waterworks District #36 will be taken over.