The Economics, Efficiencies & Enhanced Water Management Study uncovered several core benefits for Santa Clarita Valley residents. While the estimates are conservative, they reflect the potential of a new district for our region.



  • $14 million in first ten years
  • $2.75 in first three years
  • $1.62 million in annual savings
  • Greater economies of scale to achieve regionally significant projects, cost savings and other benefits
  • Enterprise accounting structure ensures no sharing of debt between former agencies



Enhanced Water Management:

  • Ensuring neighbors elect neighbors through division-based structure across Valley
  • Integrate water systems that are currently in silos
  • Increase recycled water and other alternative supply opportunities
  • Improve and optimize groundwater management and expansion



Efficiencies & Effectiveness:

  • $1.25 million reduction in staff cost
  • Upwards of 30% reduction in legal and outside fees
  • 7% reduction in staff through attrition
  • Retention of superior customer service